Implant Dentistry

A dental implant is an artificial root made of titanium Dental implantation is the state of the art treatment for replacing missing teeth, which integrate and become part of your dentition. As well as allowing you eat better, they are visually pleasing so that you can smile with touching. Research over the past four decades has made the treatment modality both successful and predictable. Now, you can replace a missing tooth by using a dental implant without filing down any of the adjacent teeth.

Implant DenIstry Procedures

  • One or more missing teeth (instead of bridges)
  • Multiple posterior missing teeth (Instead of removable prosthesis with clasps)
  • Total edentulous cases (Instead of dentures)
  • Immediate implantation and immediate prosthetics for all types of indications-Fixed teeth in one day

Aesthetic Dentistry





Implant Dentistry