I was born in 1954, in a small village in Aydin province.

I have attended Izmir Koleji (a boarding high school) for 7 years and finished  in 1972.

After that, studied in Marmara University School of Dentistry and graduated in 1978. Decided to live in Istanbul and have opened my first dental practice in 1979. That year I got married to Yasemin, my wife.

In my early years, I was interested in dental implants, and attended my first course on dental implants, in 1984. This was one of the radical choices of my life which, later became my main professional interest and dominated my professional life.

Inserted my first dental implant in 1989. Still surviving and in function.

In 1991, I was recognized by International Collage of Oral Implantology (ICOI) with the title of “fellow”, and in 1993 qualified with the title “Diplomate”.

In 1994, have opened “Cosmodent Centre for Dentistry and Dental implants” as one of the first sample of “group practice” with multiple dental specialties under one roof.

In 2001, passionately, I was one of the leading dentists to start a dental implant society (Association of Osseointegration- Turkey ) in my country. I was elected to be the inaugural president of Association of Osseointegration  and served for the first 3 terms.

This led me to interact with European Association of Osseointegration (EAO), the biggest and one of the most respected dental implant community of Europe. I became a member in 2001 and then in 2016, was elected to the Board of European Association of Osseointegration (EAO)..I was active in conducting Master Clinician Courses under the umbrella of EAO and nominated for the Chair of EAO London Congress (2024).

I am proud to be the part of EAO Board and serving as the General Secretary (EAO) for the term 2021-2022.

Still actively practicing dentsistry in Cosmodent with the challenge to promote “dental of excellence” to my patients.

  • General Dentist
    • Whole Oral Rehabilitation
    • Implantology
    • Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Şişli, Göktürk
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