Can implants be used at all ages?
Yes . Only young people, under the age 17-18, who have not completed their bone growth are not good candidates. For older candidates, health is the determining factor. Many people, seventy and eighty years of age, are better in surgical risks than someone who is younger with medical problems. However older individuals are more likely to need implants because they have lost more teeth, and have lost more supporting ridges.

Are dental implants used for cosmeIc purposes?
Dental implants are not usually done for cosmetic purposes. The primary objective of dental implants is to give additional support to replace teeth. Cosmetic enhancement is possible with replacement teeth, however, and your expectations should be fully discussed prior to treatment.

Are implants rejected by the body?
Implants are made of biologically compatible materials which have undergone extensive testing over a period of several years. Since these materials are largely metals, such as titanium, and have never been living tissue, there is no likelihood of causing an antigen-antibody response which could cause rejection, similar to that which sometimes occurs with heart and kidney transplants.

Is it expensive?
Implant procedures, which vary in complexity and extent depending on the patient's dental condition and requirements, can involve a significant investment. A survey of 350 patients after completion of their treatment revealed that not only was it worth the investment, but also they would happily do it again.